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An English Striking Wing Lantern clock, circa 1720

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An English Striking Wing Lantern clock, circa 1720

An18th century English So-called John Wise signed striking Wing Lantern clock on weights on a later beautiful strong and good looking imposing 19th century custom made lovely detailed wood carved wall-bracket. These typical winged lantern clocks were almost only made in England.around 1720/1730.

The posted frame movement with hoop and spikes . On top a bell-cross holding the bell. The corner-pillars with lovely bronze finals on top. The typical anchor designed pendulum bob is very much used in these wing lantern clocks.The clock has a verge escapement and an weight driven alarm system on the backplate of the posted frame.The nicely engraved dial with also a nice engraved alarm disk.On the single hand dial and John Wise signed chapter ring a strong single hand.

The later imposing wall bracket with probably important elements of a historical person. The contrast of the clock in combination with the wall-bracket makes the clock an important clock/furniture and decorating piece in every house. The measurements of the clock in total with bracket.86 cm high width 44 cm deep 30 cm.The stone weight came with the clock.

The clock came from the Wuppertal clock musuem in Germany and according to the son from the passed away owner, it was his first clock that inspired him to start creating one of the most important clock-collections in the world.

John Wise
35 x 16 x 20 cm
€ 13500

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