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Hague Clock (Religieuse) signed Carel Meybos

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Hague Clock (Religieuse) signed Carel Meybos

A very interesting Hague Clock (Religieuse) signed Carel Meybos AMSTERDAM Circa 1670 .
The red Tortoisel French influenced case is very different from the average Hague clocks. The French religieuses were inspired because of Huygens invention ( the verg escapement movement) introduced in 1656 in the Netherlands. This invention made it possible to show the time divided in 24 hours and was very accurate compared to the balance wheel weight driven escapement clocks.
The striking on 2 bells strong imposing movement with verge escapement and count wheel signed Carel Meybos a listed clockmaker in Amsterdam
The dial with silvered skeletonised chapter ring together with a signature sign. Lovely pierced hands.

41 x 27 x 12.5 cm
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