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A German wooden animated clock figure, circa 1840.

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A German wooden animated clock figure, circa 1840.

An exceptional Black Forest wooden clock figure mounted on an original matching musical base, playing different tunes automatically every thirty minutes or on demand. The one day running and forced striking movement with anchor escapement and pendulum. 

These clock figures, so-called “Schnapps-Uhr” are typically from the Black Forest region of Germany - they were first made in around 1840. 

The movement is mounted on the body of the figure, activating the animations. In this case, the eyes blink and the mouth opens and closes about every ten seconds. In addition the figure holds in his right hand a bell, which he shakes every ten minutes. The clock figure represents an Ottoman man dressed in traditional style with a magnificent moustache. Therefore the whole appearance of the figure is exotic and mysterious. 

The figure is mounted on an original matching musical rosewood veneered base. The original dome covers the figure - it’s corners are beautiful rosewood. The dome has protected the wooden figure ensuring that the painted colours are vibrant and in great condition after 180 years. Within the base is the music box - in this example, the rotating cylinder and teeth creating the music can be seen. This is very unusual and suggests that the item was made to order for a discerning customer. 

Black Forest, southern Germany
45 x 22.5 x 18 cm
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