Rosewood Banjo Barometer with Thermometer

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Rosewood Banjo Barometer with Thermometer

A French 19th century rosewood banjo barometer with thermometer. The Louis XV inspired barometer is centered by a fine richly chased foliate bottom reserve with elegant scrolled designs that extend along and throughout the border of the body.The face displays a central compass rose and a fine arrow pointing at the respective weather predictions. All original gilt throughout. Special about this thermometer is the maker. Claude-Siméon PASSEMANT (1702-1769) an engineer, optician, astronomer and watchmaker. Known for the creation of clocks, celestial and terrestrial globes, telescopes, and barometers. He designed an astronomical clock indicating real time, date, mean time, moon phases and the movement of the planets according to Copernicus, which Louis XV acquired and had placed in 1754 in the Cabinet des Pendules of the Château de Versailles where it still stands today.

Passement opticien du Roi a Versailles
112 x 32 x 7 cm
€ 12850

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